Freelance Writing Lessons From a Rude Editor: 7 Takeaways

This article was originally published on  For a while, I had a large client that hired many writers. My contact was an editor who managed the freelance staff. He was an abrupt man who spared no feelings. At the time, I had only worked directly with clients. I could meet their goals, but my writing […]

How to Write Effective Blog Post Titles [Guide]

Your headline is like a job interview or meeting your date’s father. You only get one impression, so you better not screw it up. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what most people do. They write a lack-luster headline, so no one reads their article. In fact, most content doesn’t get shared at all. An effective headline is the […]

4 Ways Post Excerpts Make Your Blog Stronger

It’s not enough to be an excellent writer these days. You have to have an understanding of SEO, user experience and design. Many bloggers are making the same mistake: they display the entire content of their post right on their home page, /blog page, category pages, and tag pages. These pages can become exceptionally long […]

22 Reasons You’re a Terrible Writer (and How to Fix It)

There is a misconception that writing requires certain inborn talent. I concede that talent helps. There’s a level of skill that can only be achieved when the right genetic switches are flipped, but that dais is quite high and rarely necessary. You probably won’t be the next Dostoyevsky, Faulkner or Vonnegut, but you don’t need […]