5 Reasons Your Online Business Needs Content Marketing

The Internet has disrupted the way people and companies do business. “In the digital age, every business is in the publishing industry.” If you’re running an online business, content marketing is absolutely essential. If you avoid it, you’ll be left behind. Content marketing is the practice of creating informational or entertainment content that supports your […]

8 Reasons People Unsubscribe From Your Email List

It’s well known that retaining a customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one. If you’re like most online businesses, you’re building an email marketing list. Email is the most effective sales channel and offers the highest return-on-investment of any marketing campaign. Even if you don’t have use for an email list today, you should […]

Website Analytics: How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

One of the biggest struggles of any content creator is keeping users on the website. Typically, we aren’t creating content for fun. We may love the subject, but there’s a deeper business or personal goal involved. Perhaps you’re building page views for ad revenue, collecting leads, selling products, or working to build authority around your […]

22 Reasons You’re a Terrible Writer (and How to Fix It)

There is a misconception that writing requires certain inborn talent. I concede that talent helps. There’s a level of skill that can only be achieved when the right genetic switches are flipped, but that dais is quite high and rarely necessary. You probably won’t be the next Dostoyevsky, Faulkner or Vonnegut, but you don’t need […]