dennis hammer content marketer

8 years. 7 industries. Millions of words of creative, high-converting content.

Hi, I'm Dennis - content strategist, web developer, and consultant. Here are some of my favorite projects from over the years.

"Dennis’ writing and knowledge of online marketing best practices are excellent. He's consistently professional and a great collaborator. Highly recommended!"
Brian Casel
Audience Ops
"Dennis is an amazing writer and marketing strategist. He consistently creates thought-provoking and interesting content for our clients. He's matches their tone, voice, and culture perfectly. "
Jenn Donovon
Red Barn Consulting
"Dennis became an integral part of our team right away. He turns our writing into engaging, marketable content without losing my style and tone. His service is professional and he meets deadlines."
Lee Rosen
Rosen Institute
ebook for Oberlo / Shopify (30K words)

The Ecommerce Mindset: How Successful Store Owners Think

Strategies and tools will only take you so far. In business, mindset matters more than you would think. How do successful store owners think? What are their most common mistakes? This free ebook teaches you how to get primed for success, avoid pitfalls, and achieve your goals.